! Archived Issue ! This Issue should not be present in the newest version of Gaia Pro anymore, and only applies to the versions listed below.

Applies to: Gaia (Pro) 2021 Version 3.0.1 

Symptoms:  The new Unity Editor version 2021.2 was released recently. If you try to install Gaia (Pro) 2021 under this Editor version, you see script compilation errors, and Gaia does not work overall.

Cause:  Unity Assets need to be adapted to work with new Unity Editor versions to work properly. An official update for 2021.2 compatibility is in the works, until it arrives you can install the attached patch to get Gaia running in 2021.2 in the meantime. Please note that the patch is not the regular Gaia version update with added new features etc., this is just a patch to make the asset store version of Gaia work with the 2021.2 version of Unity.

Fix:  Please download and install the unity package for your Gaia Version (choose either the "PRO" or non-pro patch) from the bottom of the page. You can install the file by double clicking on it while your Unity editor with the Gaia project is open, or by selecting "Assets > Import Package > Custom Package..." from the top menu in the Unity editor. 

Known Issues with the 2021.2 Unity version:

  • After the installation you might still have two errors remaining related to two texture bitmap files (.bmp). Those should clear when you click the clear button in the console and should not affect you after installing the patch.
  • A lot of "empty" warning messages are thrown during spawning and working with Gaia. Those either do not contain any text at all, or just a stack trace without any warning message that would indicate what caused the warning. The cause for this is currently unknown, but does not seem to affect the functionality of Gaia.
  • Impostor baking with the "orthographic bake" texture generation method in the SRPs might not work, please use the "Base Map Export" texture generation method until the full official update for Gaia 
  • When using the "SampleScene" that is provided with the project template to create your Gaia terrains, this scene might not build correctly and will just lead to a black scene when running the game. It is currently unclear if this is related to Gaia or not, as even an completely empty SampleScene would not run correctly. Save a new scene from the "SampleScene" and try building it if you run into this issue.
  • Grass Items rendered by Flora in HDRP seem to be oversaturated at first - this is due to differences in HDRP diffusion profile handling in 2021.2:
    To fix this, select one of the grass items rendered by flora during runtime, expand the material so you can see the diffusion profile, and click the "Fix" button: