Please Note: This Patch applies only to the older Gaia version 2.2.3. Installing this patch should not be necessary in Gaia 2.2.4 or newer.

Applies to: Gaia 2 / Gaia Pro Version 2.2.3

Symptoms: When trying to switch rendering pipelines in Unity 2020.3 and / or Unity 2021.1, Gaia displays an error message: "Could not determine the correct render pipeline settings asset for this unity version / rendering pipeline!", making it impossible to switch to the desired pipeline.

Cause: When a new Unity version is released, there is usually a different "verified" SRP version that is available in the unity package manager. This version needs to be verified by the team first to ensure it works with Gaia. Sometimes there are breaking changes between the SRP versions that require code changes in Gaia.
Only when the verified SRP version is known to be working with Gaia we can provide an update that unlocks the pipeline switch for that Unity version.

Fix: We have tested the new SRP versions in Unity 2020.3 and 2021.1 and can confirm that the SRP version is compatible. You can install the attached patch to unlock the SRP installation for these Unity versions.

You can install the file by double clicking on it while your Unity editor with the Gaia Pro project is open, or by selecting "Assets > Import Package > Custom Package..." from the top menu in the Unity editor.