Please Note: This Patch applies only to the older Gaia version 2.2.3. Installing this patch should not be necessary in Gaia 2.2.4 or newer.

Applies to: Gaia 2 / Gaia Pro Version 2.2.3

A small percentage of users reported crashes while spawning with Gaia 2 / Pro, noticeably the biomes would freeze at the exact same spawners. Troubleshooting suggests that in certain hardware / software constellations there is an issue with the radius based collision masks.

The radius based collision masks are used in spawners to avoid things colliding in each other while spawning. The radius based mask works by taking the individual objects one by one and rendering a certain radius around them for the final collision mask. The layer-based mask instead renders everything that is on a certain layer into the mask all at once, so they are technically a bit  different.

Potential Fix / Workaround:  

Since most spawning can also be done with layer based collision masks, we have created a patch package where all collision masks are removed. You can download and install this patch package as a workaround if you are experiencing crashes while spawning and also suspect the collision masks to be the culprit. If the feedback from this is positive, those spawners will become the default for new Gaia versions.

Installing the package 

Please download and install the patch package for your Gaia version (Gaia Pro or Gaia 2) from the attached files below. You can install the file by double clicking on it while your Unity editor with the Gaia Pro project is open, or by selecting "Assets > Import Package > Custom Package..." from the top menu in the Unity editor.

After Installing, you EITHER need to restart Unity, OR follow the steps below to make sure the Gaia Manager does not apply biome settings still sitting in memory:

1. Close the Gaia Manager (if currently open)
2. Select Assets\Gaia User Data\Settings\UserFiles in your asset hierarchy

3. In the inspector, delete all the Gaia Biome Presets, then click "Add Defaults" on top.

This "resets" the Biomes in the Gaia Manager and makes sure no cached version is being used during terrain creation. The patched Biomes are now ready to use.