In Gaia Version 2.2.4 a new version of the World Designer was released. It is possible to use this new version in a project that started in an earlier version of World Designer. However due to fundamental differences in the functionality of the old world designer vs. the new ones, there are a few restrictions / gotchas you should know about before moving to the new version:

  • The new world designer uses a different system to spawn stamps on your world shape and to export the result. This means you will not be able to re-export the world you made in the old world designer when using the new one. Already exported terrains are NOT affected, and will continue to function as before. If you wanted to do another export from the world designer, you would need to re-design your world first in the new world designer.
  • The area to design World Biome Masks is still accessible, but World Biome Masks have been deprecated in favor for world space masks. Please read more about this topic here if you use World Biome Masks.
  • The new world designer does not require the "Worldmap Terrain" anymore, but instead works by displaying a preview terrain in the scene view. The Worldmap Terrain will still be present in your scene as you left it as a reference, but it does not serve any function anymore. You can delete it if you do not need it for anything else anymore.

  • Same goes for the stamp tokens (the colorful spheres that indicate which stamp was spawned where). You will still be able to see them, but they do not serve any purpose anymore and can be deleted.

  • When installing the new Gaia Version and open the World Designer, its preview will be disabled per default. You can enable it in the preview settings:

  • To fully migrate from the old world designer to the new one, you would need to