Gaia (Pro) 2021 (Version 3.0.0) introduces a completely redesigned version of the World Designer functionality and deprecates the World Biome Masks which are being replaced by World Space Masks. This article explains how to migrate an existing project to the new World Space Mask System. You can find additional hints for the differences between old and new world designer in this article.

Please make a backup of your project before migrating. The migration process bears relatively low risk to break anything, but it can't hurt to be able to restore to make sure no work will be lost.

Short Instructions (TL / DR)

  • With Gaia 2021 / 3.0.0 you can now set up image masks and distance masks in world space directly. If you do this, these masks will "stay in place" and not follow the spawner etc. when moving the tool
  • This makes world biome masks obsolete, since you can just directly set up a mask in world space to make it apply to a certain area of the world only.
  • To migrate existing world biome masks, you can copy the mask settings directly into the target tool, and then switch all image and distance masks to world space, then you can remove the old world biome mask.


In Gaia Versions prior 3.0.0, all masks in Biome Controllers, Spawners, etc. were in local space of the tool - meaning that the mask would move together with the tool in question. While this can be desirable in some cases, it can be disruptive in others.  Especially when trying to mask a biome in a certain part of the world (e.g. spawning a desert biome in the lower left corner of your game world) this was disturbing.
To address this, Gaia was using a World Biome Mask system that would allow you to create special masks in the World Designer which could then be referenced in other tools.

In Gaia 3.0.0, masks can now be switched between world and local space - this makes the old World Biome Masks obsolete, since you can now directly set up your masks to be applied in a certain location in world space only.

If you already created a project using World Biome Masks, you can migrate those masks into the new world space system with a few simple steps.

Migration Steps

1. When opening a Gaia Tool like a spawner or biome controller that makes use of a world biome mask, you will find a
message that informs you that the world biome masks will be replaced by world space masks:

2. To replace this reference to a world biome mask with world space masks, open the world designer. You can still see the world biome masks settings here, with a similar notice.

3. To migrate the world biome mask, simply copy and paste the mask definitions of the world biome mask into the tool that references this world biome mask. You can copy and paste mask settings with the small buttons on the top of each mask.

You can only copy and paste settings between already existing masks, so you will most likely need to create target mask entries with the small "+" button at the bottom of the mask list in the tool you are copying to.

Example: A biome controller uses a world biome mask. Inside the definition of the world biome mask, there is an image mask and a height mask. Remove the reference of the world biome mask in the biome controller, and then copy and paste the image mask and height mask over to the biome controller.

(Click on this image for larger version)

4. After the mask has been copied, search the masks in the target tool for the "Mask Space" setting, and switch that to "World Space". The mask space setting should only exist in image and distance masks, since those are the only two masks that rely on arbitrary placement.

5. Enable the visualization in the target tool and adjust the offset / position and the scale values of the world space masks so that they match what their intended use was when still running in the world biome mask. For example if you were using an image to define a biome area, move and scale the image mask to match the designated area for that biome again.

6. You have now replaced the world biome mask in the tool in question with "its own" masks that operate in world space. You can repeat the same steps for other tools using world biome masks in your project as well. When you have migrated all tools in your project, you can remove the World Biome Mask entries in the world designer as well.