Applies to: Gaia Pro Version 2.2.3 (when running Unity 2020.2 or higher)

Symptoms: When creating Impostor terrains with Gaia Pro in Unity Version 2020.2 or higher, the terrain Impostors will be rendered with a white terrain surface.

Cause: This seems to be caused by terrains being loaded in or cached during the time of the export. This seems to be causing an issue in Unity 2020.2 where the terrain textures are not captured properly for the mesh creation during the Impostor export.

Fix: There is a workaround for this issue: Open the Terrain Loader Manager in your scene hierarchy and select "Unload All Terrains", then perform the Impostor creation again. The Impostors should now be created correctly with the terrain texturing intact.

We are looking into fixing this in programming for the next Gaia update.