Applies To: Gaia Pro Version 2.2.0 and above

When trying to use the Procedural Worlds Sky in HDRP, you will see the following message:

The procedural worlds sky was deactivated for the following reasons:

  • The Procedural Worlds Sky uses HDRPs physical sky features for simulating a sky with a sun, time of day system, etc. However when changing values in the HDRP physical sky during runtime, this leads to a massive performance loss, which then was wrongly attributed as a Gaia error / bug when it is more a HDRP issue.
  • For Version 2.2.0 we did an overhaul of the default lighting settings, and we did not achieve a quality of the sky / post processing / lighting setup that we were content with.

If you want to use the Procedural Worlds Sky in HDRP anyways, you can do so by installing the attached package to unlock the selection. After the installation the sky becomes available again for selection in the Gaia Manager and the Lighting Editor.

Please note: Due to the mentioned performance loss it is not recommended to activate the Time Of Day system in HDRP.

Installing the Package

Please download and install the patch package from the attached file below. You can install the file by double clicking on it while your Unity editor with the Gaia Pro project is open, or by selecting "Assets > Import Package > Custom Package..." from the top menu in the Unity editor.