Applies to: Gaia2, Gaia Pro

As of July 13th 2020, we are getting an increasing number of reports of Gaia either crashing or hanging itself up during spawning. This article collects the available information about this issue so far and will be further extended with additional information as we find out more about this issue.

Symptoms: While spawning with a Gaia Spawner, the unity editor either crashes without warning or hangs (does not react to input anymore)

(Possible) Causes: We do not have enough information about this issue yet to be 100% certain, but it does not seem to be a regular programming bug that causes this issue, as we tried to reproduce this with projects that showed the issue but we were not able to - on different hardware Gaia does not crash or hang when the spawners are executed.

In one case the issue was resolved by updating the (Nvidia) graphics card drivers to the newest version of the "Game Ready" drivers. The user had the "Studio" version of the drivers installed before. The unity editor log files of the cases collected so far show a lot of DirectX related error messages, e.g.:

d3d11: failed to create buffer (target 0x1 mode 0 size 2304) [0x887A0005]

which indicates this is most likely an issue in the layer between Graphics API and Unity.

What you can do when when experiencing the issue:

  • Update your graphics card driver to the newest version to rule out it is a driver issue as indicated above
  • Try to reduce the workload when stamping / spawning, and e.g. spawn only one spawner at once to see if you can boil down the issue to a single spawner
  • If you see the error in the screenshot above, you can try to switch off the the GPU timeout detection by setting the TDR Level in the Windows registry, see
  • Please help us analyzing this issue further by opening a support ticket at the following information:
    • Unity Version
    • Graphics Card used
    • Unity Editor logfile:
      Please collect the editor logfile immediately after you experience the crash. (The log contains a lot of information and can become difficult to analyze when you re-open unity after crashing) If you can reproduce the issue, it is best if you delete the logfile, open unity, produce the crash, and then collect the logfile. In this way it only contains information relevant to the crash at hand. If you are tech-savvy y
  • If you want to actively contribute to the analysis, you can try if it is possible for you to isolate the issue (e.g. "The issue only occurs when I use a spawn rule with the following mask type.....") If you find such a correlation (or not), please include this information in the ticket.
  • If it is possible for you, it would help us a great deal if you can provide a reproducible test case in a project / example scene for us to download.