Applies To: Gaia 2 / Gaia Pro Version 2.1.5

Please Note: This hotfix is obsolete with Gaia version 2.2.0. 

This is hotfix package contains fixes / improvements for issues with terrain quality when using the world designer and one biome issue with the Deciduous Forest Biome in Gaia Pro.

Fixed Issues:

When using the world designer, you can see banding, terrace like artifacts on the terrain heightmap. This is caused by the world designer terrains being created with high height ranges which exposes the limitations of the terrain height resolution on unity terrain. This patch adds an entry field for terrain height to both the Gaia Manager and the world designer so you can choose yourself what the largest height difference is your world should support, with lower height differences you are less likely to see any artifacts on the generated terrain.

- For Gaia Pro the patch also fixes an issue where the decidious forest biome would not spawn properly due one to the spawners missing in the biome preset.

Applying the fix: 

Please download and install the patch package matching your Gaia version (Gaia 2 or Pro) from the link below. You can install the file by double clicking on it while your Unity editor with the Gaia Pro project is open, or by selecting "Assets > Import Package > Custom Package..." from the top menu in the Unity editor.