We describe what our asset does in the asset description, and we also provide example video's of our asset in action. In most cases this is more than enough information to help you to make a decision.

If you are still unsure and wish to trial our software then please ask via our support portal. We will check that our asset is suitable for you and you can go ahead and purchase it. If it turns out that it isn't suitable then we will happily refund you.


We are not obligated by the terms of the asset store eula to make refunds. 

We release our assets as 'fit for purpose', and we support them to ensure that they keep on running as Unity evolves.

However, life happens and projects change, or there can be edge conditions or feature that do not work as expected, and for whatever reason you are unable to make use of our product in your project. 

In these scenarios we will always refund provided that you are respectful and reasonable in your request, and you have made a genuine effort to allow us to help you to resolve or work around your issue.

Conversely, if you are rude to our staff, insulting in your attitude and language, indulge in revenge reviews and slander, or show that you are not interested in collaborating to find a resolution, then we are well within our rights not to refund you and probably won't.

NOTE: It is not possible to refund assets that have been purchased more than six month ago. We approach Unity on your behalf to request refunds, and their system does not support it.