Applies to Gaia 2 / Gaia Pro Version:

2.1.4 and below. The solution discussed below is included in 2.1.5 directly.


When using the stamper, the stamp browser does only show a very faint or "invisible" stamp preview image and the stamp preview itself appears rather flat, "blocky", or low quality. Example screenshots demonstrating the issue:


This issue can be caused by switching to a target platform in the unity editor (e.g. Android, iOS, etc.) that applies texture compression on the stamp textures used by Gaia


First, confirm the cause of the issue by selecting the stamp image that is currently being used in the stamper the Gaia Stamps folder and check the import settings:

In the texture import settings, you can apply different overrides per target platform. Select your current target platform, and change the texture format to a format that supports 16 bit color depth per pixel, e.g. RGBA Half. (For this example we look at the Android target platform, the icon for your target platform might look differently in your import settings):

After clicking the "Apply" button, move the stamper a bit so it updates the stamp preview, you should notice a drastic increase in quality:

If this fixes your issue, you can apply the same override to all stamp textures in one go by selecting all stamp textures in the asset hierarchy at the same time.
To do so, select the "Stamps" folder in your asset hierarchy (1), then select a filter for the object type "Texture" (2), and then choose you want to only have results from the "Stamps" folder being displayed (3):

This allows you to select all textures from the Stamps folder in a single selection, and edit the import settings all at once:

By applying the correct override for all the stamp textures the issue should be fixed permanently for this project.