Please Note: This hotfix is obsolete with Gaia version 2.1.5.

Please Note: This hotfix ONLY applies to Gaia Pro, not Gaia 2 since it specifically targets the terrain loading / streaming feature of Gaia Pro. There is no need to install this patch in Gaia 2.

Applies To: Gaia Pro Version 2.1.4

This is hotfix package contains fixes / improvements for the initial Terrain Loading in multi-terrain scenes with dynamic loading.

Fixed Issues:

Fixed a bug when both "Rotate to Slope" and a custom rotation were used in the Game Object spawner together.

- Fixed a bug where the terrains would quickly load - unload - load again when the player was selected in the unity editor on scene start.

- Added additional features to the "RigidbodyWaitForTerrainLoad" script: You can now define an additional "Activate Delay" until gravity will be activated on the monitored Rigidbody after the terrain has been loaded in. This allows for tweaking the reactivation time for gravity to prevent the character from falling through the terrain.
Additionally there is a list of components that you can maintain that will be activated together with the gravity on the Rigidbody. This can be used to keep components on character controllers deactivated first at scene start which would re-activate the gravity otherwise.
As soon as the terrain is loaded (and the additional delay has passed) these components will then be activated together with the gravity.

Applying the fix: 

Please download and install the patch package from the link below. You can install the file by double clicking on it while your Unity editor with the Gaia Pro project is open, or by selecting "Assets > Import Package > Custom Package..." from the top menu in the Unity editor.