Applies To: Gaia Pro

Please Note: This patch is obsolete with Gaia Version 2.1.0 and higher! You do not need to install this patch anymore if you are running 2.1.0 or higher.

While the next official larger Gaia Pro update is still in development, you can apply this patch to make Gaia Pro compatible with Unity 2019.3. This patch does not contain any new features or new SRP support, but fixes all errors, layout issues and warnings which made it difficult using Gaia Pro in 2019.3 - especially the mising stamper preview.
With this patch you can use Gaia in 2019.3 until the official larger update arrives via the Asset Store / Procedural Worlds Shop.

Note 1: After installation of the patch, please open a new scene and then run the command Window > Procedural Worlds > Gaia > Fix Mesh colliders!

While testing we noticed severe degradation in spawning performance. Upon investigation it turned out that prefabs containing mesh colliders seem not to be imported with the correct default settings for mesh cooking in Unity 2019.3. Running this script command will fix the prefabs contained in Gaia and get rid off this issue. It is recommended to run this command with an empty scene open, otherwise the execution might take 
If you do not execute this command you will notice worse spawning performance and longer delays when entering and exiting playmode!

Note 2: While testing we found that entering playmode can take significantly longer per default. This is not a Gaia issue, but rather a new feature / setting in Unity 2019.3: Under Edit > Project Settings > Player you can find new experimental settings to help with this problem.
Please see this forum thread for more information on this setting: 


1. Download the file in the attachments
2. Import the file via Assets > Import Package > Custom Package
3. Open a new scene via File > New Scene
4. Run the command Window > Procedural Worlds > Gaia > Fix Mesh colliders