Applies to SECTR Version:



When updating to the newest SECTR Version you see the following error message in the console:

Assets\Procedural Worlds\SECTR\Scripts\Editor\DirStructChecker.cs(67,19): error CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from 'PWCommon2.AppConfig' to 'PWCommon1.AppConfig' 

This error appears only when updating from an earlier SECTR version and it is not 100% clear what causes this yet.


Please simply delete the file

Assets\Procedural Worlds\SECTR\Scripts\Editor\DirStructChecker.cs

from your project. The only purpose of that file is to check for an older SECTR version (predating SECTR Complete 2019) that still installed to Assets\SECTR. If you don't use that older SECTR Version you can safely delete the DirStructChecker.cs file, as it usually would delete itself anyways after the check has been performed.

If you were using that older SECTR version please remove the old Assets\SECTR folder completely and reinstall SECTR to prevent the installation being spread across two different folders.