Gaia Pro comes with a complete forest biome and a lot of example and extra assets, which can take up a lot of harddisk space. While this is less an issue on a single, standalone computer, this can lead to problems if you have size limitations in your source code repository / backup system, or have limited bandwith available to upload the entirety of Gaia Pro into one of these systems. This article explains which parts of Gaia Pro you can safely leave out during the Import or delete afterwards from your installation folder to save space.

Note that the deletion of files and folders of course takes away some of the functionality of Gaia in turn. If you, for example, create a terrain with the forest biome trees and plants and then decide to delete those from the Gaia installation, those trees and plants would disappear from your terrain as well.

The following instructions show the import dialogue of Gaia Pro and explain which folders can be left out / deactivated during import. Depending on what features you want to use there are multiple options available to reduce the size of Gaia Pro. These options can be combined as you see fit.
If you have Gaia Pro installed already, the same instructions still apply, but you would instead just delete the installed folders instead.

All deletion or non-importing can be undone by importing the Gaia Pro package again - you can choose there to import all or some of the missing files again.

Option 1 (Red boxes): Remove the Forest Biome and Example Assets - 3.5 GB

If you choose to not import these folders, you can save the most space in one go, but you will not have any assets left from the forest biome or the example assets to use in your project. Highly recommended if you don't intend to use any of the Gaia assets anyway.

If you choose this option, you will run into the issue that the Gaia Manager does not find any Biome Presets to display and will show an error message in the console. To prevent this, simply create an empty Biome Preset from the scene hierarchy "Create" Menu.

Option 2 (Green box) Remove the ocean textures - 0.6 GB

The ocean textures are responsible for displaying the wave structures on the Gaia water shader. Since Gaia comes with a lot of those, you can save some space by removing this folder. You will still be able to use the water shader if required, but the water will look rather flat and there will be no caustics effect underwater.
Recommended if you don't intend to use the Gaia water shader.

Option 3 (Blue box) Remvoing the Stamps Folder - 0.5 GB

The stamps folder contains all the default stamp images that come with GaiaIf you are done with stamping already or you want to use your own stamps anyways, you can remove this folder to save some space. Note that if you remove all stamps and create a new terrain, your stamp browser will be displayed empty then.

Option 4 (Orange box) Removing the Skybox textures - 60 MB

The sky and lighting setup of Gaia comes with a couple of skybox textures that you can remove if you are using another Sky / Lighting asset or are using your own skybox.