The spawn result of a Gaia Spawner is depending on multiple settings both in the Spawner component itself, as in the Spawn Rule settings as well. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize on first sight why your spawner does not produce any results at all, or why it spawns not enough instances.
This article helps you to set up your Spawner as nonrestrictive as possible so you can make sure it spawns a lot of instances on your terrain. Once that is established, you should be able to cut down the number of instances to your liking.
(Please note: Even though the article talks about "instances" which sounds like GameObject instances, the exact same procedure / principles can be applied to a texture spawner that does not deliver the desired result)

Please follow these steps to set up your spawner as non-restrictive as possible:

  1. Open one of the Spawners that is not working
  2. Select "Every Location" for the Location Selector setting on top, and Location Increment at "1". This should ensure that the Spawner travels across the entire terrain in increments of 1 units. Check also the Distance and Area Maks setting, the Distance Mask should be a straight line at 1 and Area Mask should be set to "None".

  3. Click the "Fit To Terrain" and "Reset" buttons to make sure that the Spawner is set up to spawn across the entire terrain.
  4. Select one of the resources that you want to spawn and set the "Min Viable Fitness" and "Failure Rate" to 0. Make also sure there is no Noise Mask enabled.
  5. Click the "Visualize" Button. This should open the visualizer spheres on the terrain, as well as the spawning rule settings.
  6. Go through the rules and make them as nonrestrictive as possible, disable Virgin Terrain check, Check Height, etc. and just leave "Is Active" enabled.

  7. When you drag the visualizer spheres across the terrain, they should be all green now no matter the location. This resource should now spawn anywhere on the terrain.
  8. Do a test spawn to see if it spawns now.
  9. If it spawns you can go back to the rule settings and adjust the rules to your liking. Keep an eye on the Visualizer spheres, if they go all red the setting might have been to restrictive for your terrain.

If you are still having trouble spawning after following these steps or if you are stuck somewhere in between, please open a support ticket or reach out to us on the forums or on discord.