There are many versions of RAW files - big endian (mac) - little endian (pc) - 8, 16 and 32 bits, interleaved, non interleaved. Gaia supports square 16 bit non interlaced PC format RAW files. 

To scan in a RAW file create a Scanner object from the Utilities menu. Then drag and drop your raw file into the Scan pad, and if the format is correct, it will successfully import, otherwise you will see an error in your console window.

If you have an error, then your format is incorrect, and you need to fix it, alternatively there is a potential work around. Unity terrain can also import RAW files, and it supports more format options that Gaia, so if you can get your RAW file into the terrain, then you can then scan the terrain instead.

Create a terrain and import your raw file:

  1. Create a new terrain - make sure you match its size as closely as you can with your original RAW file. 
  2. Go into your terrain settings and import your RAW file. You will need to match the size and format with your original RAW file.

If you have successfully done this then:

  1. Create a Scanner from the Utilities menu
  2. Drag the terrain over onto the Scan pad to scan it.
  3. Adjust the base level (you need this to be what you would expect ground level to be so that the random terrain generation system will work properly)
  4. Name it
  5. Classify the feature type
  6. Save the Scan as a new Stamp
  7. You can have the full power of the stamping system to draw on.